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Residential service

Operating in Montreal as well as on the North and South Shores of Montreal for over 20 years, Groupe Drain Innovation provides high-quality drain unclogging, pipe lining repair, camera inspection and pre-purchase inspection residential services.

To be one step ahead of problems caused by a clogged drain–sewer backups or wastewater backups–or to buy a house with functional drains, our talented team of experts is just a call away! They work with state-of-the-art equipment: drain cleaning machines, pressure washers, cameras, trailers and root cutters.

Commercial service

Groupe Drain Innovation has been providing outstanding quality drain unclogging, camera inspection and pipe lining repair commercial services to a large client base for more than 20 years–agri-food sector, manufacturing plant (production line), laboratories, hospitals, restaurants, multi-tenant buildings, senior centres and hotels, among others.

Our talented piping team of experts based in Montreal as well as on the South and North Shores ensures that clients do not suffer production and money losses and plant shutdowns or unsanitary conditions due to drain grease.

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Drain unclogging

For any house or building emergencies, Groupe Drain Innovation, always on the move, will assist you, providing a flawless quality drain unclogging service.

Our team well-known for its outstanding clean job will get on site free of charge, assess clogged drains due to negligence or undrained grease interceptors, among others, and select the equipment–drain cleaning machines and pressure washers–fit for efficient cleaning of drains of any diameter.


Make sure that everything flows seamlessly


Pipe lining repair

Not only does Groupe Drain Innovation provide an efficient and no-dig repair pipe lining residential, commercial and industrial service, but it also uses a resistant, steam-cured liner made of fiberglass and epoxy that lines the broken pipe. The liner–joint free–fits the pipe perfectly, no matter its diameter.

Such superior pipe lining repair work must be conducted in compliance with very strict steps. First, measures are taken before we manufacture and install the liner.

Pipe lining repair | No digging

Camera inspection

Inspecting your house, business or industry pipes in real time with a camera is an important and useful part of the drain unclogging and cleaning processes.

To do so, our team of experts uses a SeeSnake Ridgid camera and a NaviTrack locator to identify the root cause–broken or damaged pipes, leaks, improper drain pipe slopes, root intrusion, unclogged grease, corrosion–and pick the right pipe lining repair equipment.

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State-of-the-art equipment

Pressure washer
Drain cleaning machine
Root cutter

Pressure washer

Goodbye grease clogging drains, hello highly efficient pressure washers (K5-3100).

Drain cleaning machine

No 2 to 4-diameter drain can stop our powerful drain cleaning machine from unclogging pipes and drains.


Identifying the root cause is a child’s play thanks to our top-of-the-line SeeSnake Ridgid cameras.


For any repair, our trailers equipped with a steam-cured pipe repair system is always by our side.

Root cutter

Tree roots are slowing your drains? Let our root cutters work their magic!

Entrust us with your projects!

Quality work

Environmentally friendly

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Enjoy peace of mind thanks to a pre-purchase inspection

Pre-purchase inspection | Drain and pipe system

Pre-purchase inspection

Buying a house often brings its fair amount of stress. It never hurts to be well prepared, especially when it comes to pipe and drain systems, which a poor state–an underestimated reality–can wreak havoc.

Take the lead with your pipe and drain system inspection! Make it your priority! Giving our experts a call will help you avoid multiple undesired situations, such as the presence of vermin or a foundation breakage, among others.

Residential service