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For over 20 years, Groupe Drain Innovation and its team of experienced and schooled plumbers have been guaranteeing outstanding pipe lining repair and cleaning residential and commercial services which they are known for. This success comes from a constant desire to listen to our clients carefully and meet their needs completely. This is why we keep providing an outstanding and flawless service. We can also count on our green and cutting-edge technology providing highly superior clean job results.

Over 20 years of experience in plumbing

True to our reputation highlighted by our work efficiency and professional approach, Groupe Drain Innovation can pride itself on having a team of professionals in its business–a 20-years-experienced plumbers–who keeps working harder and harder to provide a quality service.

Thanks to their deep devotion, we proudly earn our clients’ trust at every residential and commercial service.

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Need an immediate drain repair? We are the solution!

Commercial service
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An eco-friendly no VOC solution

As we wish to preserve the fauna, the flora and human species and protect them from indirect and direct impacts due to volatile organic compounds (VOC), we have opted for an eco-friendly solution.

In fact, we only work with cutting-edge products and free VOC technology. There is more to our green solution! The respect we owe the environment is also shown by a no toxic fume and no-dig pipe lining repair formula–no tree is cut.

Residential service
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Super service! Giovanni and his team have shown great professionalism. They executed their work with much care and courtesy. They are the 1st to call for this type of intervention!

Myriam Maltais

I called Groupe Drain Innovation because I had drain and tree root problems for my home. They installed their liner system and I was very satisfied with the results. Job well done, worked clean and very professional!

Mme Uguette Lavallé

Experts at work

State-of-the-art equipment

Pressure washer
Drain cleaning machine
Root cutter

Pressure washer

Goodbye to grease clogging drains, hello highly efficient pressure washers (K5-3100).

Drain cleaning machine

No 2 to 4-diameter drain can stop our powerful drain cleaning machine from unclogging pipes and drains.


Identifying the root cause is a child’s play thanks to our top-of-the-line SeeSnake Ridgid cameras.


For any repair, our trailers equipped with a steam-cured pipe repair system is always by our side.

Root cutter

Tree roots are slowing your drains? Let our root cutters work their magic!